May 14, 2013




after rewatching the first season i was so pleased with the way the team rocket dressed. james was put in traditionally feminine clothing but it was never made into a joke and he was totally comfortable with it and that is so great

reblogging this for commentary because Jessie was (is) a badass woman who wasn’t afraid to say what she wanted and in general Team Rocket in animeverse is super cool about messing about with ideas of gender and that is why I love them all so much. 

This is Team Rocket Appreciation Blog and always will be.


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April 21, 2013




I’m currently researching how to put this together. The biggest challenge will be making the boxes consumer friendly. They will probably be a little on the expensive side but I think it would be worth it, don’t you? Leave a comment, like and reblog so I can gather feedback on whether this is a good venture.

Oh my god

is this real life

Thats really kawaii okay I need one for Roxy @u@

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